Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blind Faith

Block 13 had narrow corridors, which was the stage for one of our most risky games. We usually played this game on the highest level to add to the danger and exhilaration. This game involved a blindfolded catcher who would, beginning from one end of the corridor, walked backwards towards the other end of the block. Our job was to slip past him and evade him, which was no easy task considering that there were apartments on one side of the corridor and railings on the other, beyond which was a ten-stories fall to the ground.

I cannot remembered who began climbing over railings first, but once he did the rest of us had to follow suit – we were not “chicken” enough to be left behind, nor did we want to lose the game. It was sheer folly – perhaps being young and male had something to do with it – but we did it all the same.


Lam Chun See said...

Hi - very happy to discover your blog. I too blog about the old days. Do drop by Good Morning Yesterday for a visit and meet some of my buddies with like interests.

Victor said...

Hi Gilbert (I hope I got your name right), I left you a tag in your Cbox. Thought I should drop you a comment as well.

I enjoy reading your very well-written and interesting stories. From what you write, I figure that you must be in your 50s or 60s. I am 50 this year. Nice to meet you in blogosphere. Do drop by my blog and Chun See's blog. We both blog more about Singapore's good old days. We are also volunteer bloggers (Friends)for since early this year and have both found it to be a very fulfilling experience. Chun See has even linked you in his recent post. (Sorry, Chun See for blowing the whistle on you.)

We would be extremely happy to welcome you into our fold. We hope to hear good news from you soon. Cheers.

uncle gilbert said...

Victor, Nope not in the range yet but soon. I will be 50 in two years time. I guessed you are probably by senior. ooophs